Lesson 2

Journey through JavaScript: Conquering 'while' Loops

Lesson Overview

Onward to mastering JavaScript's while loops! while loops are a vital tool in programming, enabling the repeated execution of code while a specified condition remains true. Much like continuously cleaning a room until it's no longer messy, while loops run as long as the condition is true.

What are While Loops?

while loops in JavaScript repeat an action "while" a condition remains true. For instance, you might play outside while it's sunny outside. A simple example of a while loop in JavaScript is:

1let counter = 0; // Initialize with 0 2while (counter < 5) { // Loop while counter is less than 5 3 console.log(counter); // Print the counter 4 counter++; // Increment the counter by 1 after each loop iteration 5} 6/* 7Prints: 80 91 102 113 124 13*/

Here, we initialize a counter with a value of 0, and log the current counter value while its value is less than 5. When the value becomes >= 5, the loop execution finishes.

The Syntax of While Loops

A while loop consists of two core parts: a condition and a body. While the condition is true, the code block (body) under the while statement executes.

1while (condition) { // Loop continues while the condition is true 2 // block of code 3}
Practical Experiences with While Loops

Imagine a routine task, like a countdown from 5 to 1. A while loop can conveniently handle this, as follows:

1let number = 5; // Initialize with 5 2 3while (number >= 1) { // While number is at least 1 4 console.log('Number is:', number); // Print the number 5 number--; // Decrease the number by one after each iteration 6} 7/* 8Prints: 95 104 113 122 131 14*/
Compound Conditions with While Loops

while loops in JavaScript can use compound conditions with the use of && (and) or || (or). Consider this code, where you're saving money for a bicycle and will stop if you reach the target or once winter begins:

1let savings = 0; // Starts with 0 savings 2let isWinter = false; // Starts when it's not winter 3 4while (savings < 100 && !isWinter) { // As long as savings is less than 100 and it's not winter 5 savings += 10; // Save 10 more 6 console.log('Savings:', savings); 7 8 // Simulate the changing of seasons 9 if (savings === 50) { // When savings is 50, winter begins 10 isWinter = true; 11 } 12} 13/* 14Prints: 15Savings: 10 16Savings: 20 17Savings: 30 18Savings: 40 19Savings: 50 20*/
Common Pitfalls in Using While Loops

Take care to avoid creating an infinite loop, where the condition remains true, and the loop never stops. Here's an example where the increment is missing, which results in an infinite loop:

1let counter = 0; // Initial counter value 2 3while(counter < 5) { // Counter is always less than 5 4 console.log(counter); 5 // counter++; 6 // Counter is not increasing (commented), creating an infinite loop 7}
Lesson Summary and Practice

Excellent! You've learned about while loops, understood their syntax, and applied them in practical scenarios. Get ready for hands-on exercises to solidify these skills. Let's prepare for more JavaScript adventures!

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