Lesson 3

Navigating the Cosmos: Conditional Statements and Loops in TypeScript

Introduction and Overview

Hello, aspiring developer! Today, we're exploring loops and conditional statements in TypeScript. Imagine this - you're the lead engineer of an interstellar space project. You're tasked with inspecting the efficiency of rocket boosters and ensuring there's adequate fuel for the journey. That's precisely the concept we'll emulate using TypeScript loops and conditions.

Merging 'for' loop with Conditional Statements

In the coding world, loops and conditionals are frequently used to perform tasks until a certain end condition is met. Suppose your task is to review every rocket's fuel status before it blasts off into space. This is where we can leverage the effectiveness of combining TypeScript loops with conditional statements.

The for loop is as reliable as our steadfast rocket engineers. It helps us to traverse and scrutinize our code universe with the utmost precision. Now, using the for loop and a conditional statement, we'll oversee the rocket's booster efficiency status before its grand launch!

1// List of rockets (true means the booster is efficient, false means not) 2let rocketsBoosterStatus: boolean[] = [true, true, false, true, false]; 3 4// A 'for' loop to check each rocket's booster status 5for (let i = 0; i < rocketsBoosterStatus.length; i++) { 6 // An 'if-else' statement to validate the rocket's booster status 7 if (rocketsBoosterStatus[i]) { 8 console.log('Rocket', i + 1, ': Booster is efficient.'); 9 } else { 10 console.log('Rocket', i + 1, ': Booster is not efficient.'); 11 } 12} 13/* 14Prints: 15Rocket 1 : Booster is efficient. 16Rocket 2 : Booster is efficient. 17Rocket 3 : Booster is not efficient. 18Rocket 4 : Booster is efficient. 19Rocket 5 : Booster is not efficient. 20*/

In this scenario, we used a for loop to review each rocket's booster efficiency status.

Integrating 'while' Loop with Conditional Statements

Now, let's examine while loops! Much like a patient launch director, they wait until all system checks have been completed for each rocket. We'll merge this concept with a while loop and a conditional statement.

1// List of rockets (true means ready for launch, false means not ready) 2let rocketsLaunchStatus: boolean[] = [true, true, false, true, false]; 3 4// Here, 'i' signifies the number of rockets inspected 5let i = 0; 6 7// A 'while' loop to check each rocket's launch status 8while (i < rocketsLaunchStatus.length) { 9 // An 'if-else' condition within our loop 10 if (rocketsLaunchStatus[i]) { 11 console.log('Rocket', i + 1, ': Ready for launch.'); 12 } else { 13 console.log('Rocket', i + 1, ': Not ready for launch.'); 14 } 15 i++; // 'i' is incremented by 1 for each rocket checked 16} 17/* 18Prints: 19Rocket 1 : Ready for launch. 20Rocket 2 : Ready for launch. 21Rocket 3 : Not ready for launch. 22Rocket 4 : Ready for launch. 23Rocket 5 : Not ready for launch. 24*/

Our while loop tirelessly reviews the launch status of each rocket until all rockets have been accounted for.

Lesson Summary and Practice Exercises

Congratulations on a successful liftoff! Today's thrilling expedition had us tie loops with conditional statements, thereby enhancing your TypeScript control flow comprehension. Now, you're equipped to apply these concepts in upcoming practice tasks. As we navigate deeper into the coding cosmos, remember that practice is the key to a successful journey!

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