Advanced Coding Interview Preparation with Python

Mastering Algorithms - Dictionaries, Two Pointers, and more!

Delve into the essentials of optimal programming algorithms involving HashMaps, HashSets, and two-pointer techniques. Enhance your skills in data structure optimization and streamline problem-solving methods.

Lessons and practices

Summing Integers Between Two Numbers

Finding Minimum Absolute Difference in an Array

Closest Pair Mapping in Arrays

Finding Common Characters with Sets

Efficient Presence Checking in Celestial Body Lists

Movie Recommendation Algorithm with Sets

String Partitioning by Unique Characters

Character Removal for Minimal Word Count

Finding the Minimum Distance Between Word Occurrences in a List

Identifying Pairs with Zero Sum Using Two-Pointer Technique

Finding Maximum Sum Subarray Using Two-pointer Technique

Finding the Longest Subarray with a Specified Sum Using Two-Pointer Technique

Array Transformation Based on Closest Half-value Criterion

Finding the Most Influential Person in a Network

Longest Substring with At Most K Distinct Characters

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