Kotlin Programming for Beginners

Writing Functions using Kotlin

Dive into functions in Kotlin to enhance code modularity and reusability. This course guides you through the essentials of defining functions, utilizing parameters and return types, and the nuances of function overloading. Expand your Kotlin toolkit to write concise and maintainable functions.

Lessons and practices

Waving Robot Greeting

Renaming and Invoking Functions in Kotlin

Robot Cleaning Routine Debug

Add Welcome Home Feature to Home Robot Functions

Robot Light Technician Challenge

Mixing Pancake Batter with Kotlin Functions

Modify the Pancake Ingredients Calculator to Include Eggs

Galactic Pancake Ingredients Calculator

Validate Pancake Ingredients Before Cooking

Cooking Pancakes with Parameters in Kotlin

Calculate the Average Score in Math Class

Adjust Function to Return a String Message

Average Score Calculator Debugging

Add Function to Return the Greater of Two Numbers

Calculate the Average Score Function in Kotlin

Mixing Ingredients with Overloaded Functions in Kotlin

Enhancing the ServeDish Function

Mixing Ingredients in the Kitchen Recipe App

Add a Spice Level to the Cook Function

Mix It Up: Function Overloading in the Kitchen

Understanding Scope in Circle Calculations

Localize the Pi Value in the Area Calculation Function

Calculating Rectangle Perimeter in Kotlin

Calculate Triangle Area in Kotlin

Grocery Shopping List Reminder

Incorporate Additional Items into Grocery List Function Using Varargs

Fixing the Calculate Total Function

Add Grocery List Display Function in Kotlin

Kotlin Grocery List with Varargs

Simplifying Function Calls with Kotlin Defaults and Named Arguments

Update Default Color in Paint Function

Canvas Painting Function Correction

Apply Named Arguments and Default Values in a Canvas Painting Function

Painting the Canvas with Functions in Kotlin

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