Prompt Engineering for Everyone

Advanced Techniques in Prompt Engineering

This course on Advanced Techniques in Prompt Engineering equips learners with innovative strategies for crafting effective AI prompts. Covering brainstorming, system prompt optimization, the chain of thought method, and iterative construction, it teaches how to create sophisticated prompts for enhanced LLM communication.

Lessons and practices

Customizing AI System Messages

Crafting Engaging IT Greetings

Enhancing AI's Supportive Personality

Converting Lists to JSON Structuring

List to JSON Conversion Mastery

From Bullets to Checkboxes

Artist Portfolio Showcase Prompt

Creating a Consolidator

Concise Consolidation

Chain of Thought for Computation Simplification

Chain of Thought in Multiplication

Chain of Thought With Word Problems

Observe Chain of Thought Fail

Implement Backtracking

Brainstorm, Analyze, Backtrack

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