Prompt Engineering for Everyone

Prompt Engineering for Precise Text Modification

Tailored for those looking to master text manipulation using LLMs, this course delves into sophisticated prompt engineering strategies to summarize, extend, or modify text without compromising specific elements. Whether preserving tone, style, or content, learners will gain the ability to finely tune LLM outputs for nuanced text enhancements.

Lessons and practices

Simple summary

Summarizing Einstein's Legacy

Summarizing with an Optimistic Tone

Steve Jobs Positive Summary

Advanced Summary for Steve Jobs

No Dates But Add Bullets

Expanding Fantasy Narratives

Expanding Gothic Fantasy Narratives

Unveiling Secrets in Enchanted Narratives

Narrative Transition and Expansion

From Fear to Determination

From Chaos to Serenity

Unveiling Secrets: Crafting Detective Dialogues

Crafting Dialogue for Detective Stories

Crafting the Betrayal Dialogue

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