Prompt Engineering for Everyone

Engineering Output Size with LLMs

This intermediate course focuses on manipulating output sizes from large language models (LLMs). From generating concise single words to expansive articles, learners will explore techniques for precise control over the length and detail of AI-generated content. This is crucial for tailoring responses to fit specific requirements in content creation, coding, and beyond.

Lessons and practices

Crafting Eco-Friendly Elegance

Crafting Eco-Friendly Taglines

Exploring AI in Tutoring

Check Palindrome Code

True or False Code Verdict Challenge

Just Yes or No

Market Impact of Fed's Rate Hike

Summarize a Complex Topic

Summarizing a Dataset

Creating a Syllabus

3 Layered Syllabus

Mastering Sales Strategy Course Syllabus

Crafting F-shaped Emails Without Example

Using examples for better F-shape

Crafting F-Shaped Email Structures

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