Java Programming for Beginners

Object-Oriented Programming in Java

This course progresses from foundational programming concepts to a thorough grasp of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in Java. Learn to create, manipulate objects, and leverage inheritance and encapsulation for improved coding efficiency. Ideal for beginners familiar with Java syntax, loops, functions, and basic data structures.

Lessons and practices

Starting the Engine: A Simulation with Java Classes

Enhance the Automobile Class Method

Java Car Simulator Bug Fixing Challenge

Add Method to Car Class in Java

Create a Car Class and Implement the Horn Method in Java

Simulate a CellPhone Call

Enhancing the CellPhone Class with Software Version Update Method

CellPhone Communication Breakdown

Add CellPhone Object and Make a Call Method

Cell Phone Operations in Java

Initialize Your First Car

Implement Default Color in Car Constructor Through Overloading

Car Assembly Line Debugger

Add a Constructor to the Car Class

Creating and Initializing Objects with Constructors in Java

Automated Vehicle System: Engine Status Control

Ensure Vehicle License Plate Validity

Debugging Car Class Encapsulation

Add Car Manufacturing Year Management Methods

Encapsulating Car Attributes in Java

Savanna Wildlife: Demonstrating Inheritance and Abstract Classes in Java

Refine the Zebra's Diet in the Savanna Wildlife Simulation

Safari Savanna Simulation

Add Lion Eating Behavior to Animal Class

Implementing Inheritance with a Giraffe in the Savanna

Simulating Software-Hardware Integration with Method Overriding in Java

Expanding Accessibility in the Smartphone Display Method

Mobile Device Warm Greeting Bug Fix

Add Unique Power On Feature to SmartPhone Class

Overriding Methods in a Smartphone Class

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