Full-Stack Engineering with JavaScript

Introduction to Authentication and Authorization

Dive into the world of Authentication and Authorization with this introductory course on web security. Understand and practice how to secure your applications and protect against common security threats.

Lessons and practices

Authentication Magic in the Banking System Galaxy

Greetings from the Bank

Interstellar Login Anomaly

Stellar Code Challenge: Implement Login Logic

Building a Simple Authentication System for a Banking App

Online Bookstore Authentication Flow

Bookstore Login: Use Mongoose to Find User

Implement Authentication Check

Securing the Bookstore: Implementing Login Verification

Final Frontier: Implementing Full-Stack Authentication

Securing Signups in the Library System Management

Enhancing Password Security with bcrypt

Library System Login Troubleshooting

Securing the Launch Codes

Securing the Library: Hashing Passwords for Signups

Welcoming Scientists to the Space Station

Elevating Access: Promote to Admin

Securing the Space Station: Implement Authorization Controls

Securing the Space Station: Authorization and Access Control

Securing the Galactic Mission: Token Authentication Trial

Securing Mission Control: Validate Token Prefix

Authentication Sequence Malfunction

Secure the Stars: Implementing Token-Based Authentication

Validating Space Tokens

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