Mastering Algorithms and Data Structures in JavaScript

Fundamental Data Structures - Linked Lists in JavaScript

This foundational course provides a deep dive into the understanding and application of Linked Lists in JavaScript. The course elucidates the inner workings, implementation, and complexities of Linked Lists, along with their versatility in solving interview-oriented algorithmic coding challenges.

Lessons and practices

Managing a Photo Gallery with Linked List in JavaScript

Stellar Navigator: Latest Photo Display Issue

Appending Photos to the Gallery in JavaScript

Complete the Remove Function in the LinkedList Class

Add Show Method to Linked List for Photo Gallery Display

Linked List Reverse Traversal Challenge

Exploring the Longest Increasing Sequence in a Space-Themed Linked List

Reverse Search in a Linked List

Cosmic Library Clean-Up: Removing Obsolete Nodes Challenge

Average Mass Calculation of Selective Celestial Bodies in a Cosmic Linked List

Space Convoy Cleanup: In-place Linked List Node Removal

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