Front-End Engineering with React

Understanding and Using APIs in React

Immerse yourself in interactive web development as you fetch and render dynamic data in React apps using APIs. Update component states with data from APIs and see it come alive with JSX.

Lessons and practices

Fetching Rome's Weather in React

Adding Wind Speed to Climate Data

Disappearing Climate Details

Fetching Cosmic Weather Data

Digital Postmaster: Mail Delivery Simulation

Digital Postman: Update Loading Message

Digital Postal Service: Status Update Anomaly

Adding a JSON Response Handler to the Digital Postal Service

Digital Postal Service: Implement Error Handling in the Tracking App

Axios in Action: Displaying Blog Posts

Space API Communications: Setting Up Axios Instances

Author Details Transmission Restoration

SpacePosts API Call Adventure

Crafting the SpacePosts Component in React with Axios

Displaying Social Media Posts Using React Dynamic Rendering

Displaying City Coordinates

Search and Display Social Media Posts

Weather Data Fetcher

Cosmic Code: Rendering Country Stats in React

Weather Report: Fetch and Display Data

Realigning the Fetch Coordinates

Stellar Code Navigation: Rectifying the Data Fetch Anomaly

Fetching Author Posts in the Cosmos

Orbiting React: Custom Hook for Weather Data

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