Comprehensive Introduction to Front-End Engineering

Communicating with APIs for Front-End Engineers

Explore the world of APIs in this course tailored for aspiring front-end developers. Learn how to seamlessly integrate third-party APIs with JavaScript, mastering the essentials of communication, error handling, and data transformation. Gain the expertise to fetch and manipulate data, elevating your web projects with dynamic capabilities.

Lessons and practices

Fetching Author Details with API

Updating the Author ID in Fetch Function

Mismatched Element ID in Author Details Display

Constructing the API Fetch Request

Cosmic Message: Unveiling the Data Stars

Cosmic Information: Introducing HTML Content

Cosmic Post Display Mission

Adding Author Details

Cosmic Transmission Reception Test

Asteroid Data: Status Code Alignment

Space Station Communication Troubleshooting

Galactic API: Craft the Fetch and Error Handling

Galactic News API: Fetch and Display Exercise

Displaying Planetary Data from JSON

Orbiting Jupiter: Filtering Moons by Planet

Orbital Data Anomaly

Cosmic Code Transmission Challenge

Cosmic Contributor Registration

Weather Data Retrieval for Kharkiv

Updating the Weather Fetch Request City Parameter

Rome Weather Coordinates Debugging

Fetching Yerevan's Weather Coordinates

Fetching and Displaying Geographic Coordinates

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