Mastering the DOM API

Explore the depths of JavaScript and the Document Object Model (DOM) in this hands-on course. Gain a profound comprehension of the DOM's structure for dynamic content manipulation and event handling, empowering you to create interactive web pages that react to user inputs.

Lessons and practices

Adding a New Product to the Best Sellers List

Add an ID to the Product Card

Mend the Product List Display

Adding a New Product Display on E-Commerce Site

Adding a New Special Offer to the E-Commerce Site

Navigating the Cosmic Click Event

Stop the Cosmic Event Bubbling

Neptunian Message Anomaly

Galactic Event Constructor

Halting the Cosmic Cascade

Real-time Space Observatory Status Updates

Speeding Up Cosmic Discoveries

Mysterious Missing Details on Planet Display

Orbital Message Retrieval Function

Cosmic Code: Simulating Planet Rotation Data Retrieval

Cosmic Form Validation in Action

Galactic Registry: Enforce Starting Letter Uppercase

Cosmic Distance Validator: Ensuring Accurate Measurements

Spacecraft Speed Validator: Add Safety Checks

Orbit Validation Station: Write the Code

Hover and Grow: CSS Transition in Action

Hover to Fade Transition

Hover-Over Button Malfunction

Hover to Highlight: Interactive Product Card

Rotating the Cosmos: CSS Animation Challenge

Adding New Volumes to the Virtual Bookshelf

Adding Memory Efficiency to the Bookshelf Event

Efficiently Expanding the Virtual Library

Building the Book Adder Function

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