Java Programming for Beginners

Java String Manipulation for Beginners

Enhance your string manipulation and textual data handling skills with this course. You'll explore the intricacies of string operations, text data processing, and formatting and parsing text to information.

Lessons and practices

String Concatenation in the Library Catalog

String Comparison in the Cosmic Library

Modify String Concatenation Method in Java Code

Space Voyager's String Comparison Challenge

Add Catalog Entry and Display Code for Book Cataloging System

Cataloging a Galactic Library

Formatting an Academic Report Card in Java

Adjust Field Width in Academic Report Card Format

Grade Report Formatter Error Identification

Academic Report Card Formatting in Java

Java String Formatting for Academic Reports

Special Character Sequences in Java Document Formatting

Incorporate Special Characters into Proverb Formatting

Escaping the Cosmic Confusion

Add Special Character Sequences to Format a Java String

Document Formatting with Special Characters in Java

Moderating the Online Chat

Enhance Online Chat Moderation

Moderating Smiles in Chat Messages

Add Case Sensitivity Correction to Chat Moderation System

Censoring Inappropriate Words in Chat Messages

Formatting a Book Quote

Refining String Delimiters in a Quote

Rearrange the Book Phrase

Add String Splitting and Joining Functionality to a Quote Analysis Program

String Alchemy: Crafting a Snippet from a Famous Quote

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