Functions in Swift

Learn to organize Swift code with functions, enhancing readability and reusability. This course covers defining and calling functions, passing parameters, returning values, and understanding scope, all within the context of managing space missions and exploration tasks.

Lessons and practices

Defining Your First Function

Modify Function to Prepare Mission

Fix the Function Code

Defining Basic Functions in Swift

Define a Launch Function

Run Code with Parameters in Swift

Modify Function Output

Fix the Announce Function

Announce Mission Starting Location

Announcing the Mission Destination

Calculating Travel Time with Functions

Calculate Fuel for Space Mission

Fix the Space Travel Code

Calculate Crew Size Function

Calculate Travel Time Function

Understanding Variable Scope in Swift

Change Variable Names to Understand Scope

Fix Variable Scope Bug

Mastering Function Scope in Swift

Function Scope in Action

Combining Function Concepts in Swift

Modify Mission Supplies Check

Fix the Launch Preparation Function

Complete Mission Launch Check

Write Function to Check Equipment

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