Loop Structures in Swift

Explore the concept of iterations in Swift programming for efficient automation of repetitive tasks. This course focuses on "for" loops, "while" loops, and using these to process data collections like mission logs, planets lists, and more in a space exploration context.

Lessons and practices

Running a Basic For Loop

Reverse Loop Through Planets

Fix the Loop Bug

Iterate Over Space Stations

Loop Through Planets and Indexes

Controlling Loops with Break

Changing Failure: Navigation to Life Support

Fixing Spacecraft System Checks

Controlling Loops with Break

Master Loop Control in Swift

Using While Loops in Swift

Monitoring Oxygen Levels with Loops

Fix the Looping Bug

Monitoring Energy Reserves

While Loop Temperature Check

Nested Loops in Action

Enhance Nested Loop Functionality

Fix Nested Loop Bug

Nested Loops on Planets

Nested Loops Mastery Test

Advanced Looping in Action

Add Jupiter to Travel Plan

Fixing Looping Bug in Swift

Complete the Planetary Travel Calculator

Calculate Travel Time and Countdown

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