Scala Programming for Beginners

Iterations and Loops in Scala

Dive into Scala's loop structures with this course. Master the 'for' and 'while' loops, combine loops with conditional statements, and tackle nested loops. Enhance your data manipulation prowess in Scala through practical examples, making your programming more efficient and flexible.

Lessons and practices

Exploring List Iteration in Scala

Expanding Scala Ranges

Loop Correction: Printing "Paper" Five Times

Subject List Printer with Indexes

Scala Classroom Inventory: Iterating with Style

Boiling Eggs Simulation in Scala

Counting Down with Scala While Loops

Bake a Dozen Cookies in Scala

Scala Bakery: Looping Through Cookies

Baking a Dozen Cookies with Scala While Loops

Flight Distance Filter

Scala Skies: Identifying VIP Passengers

Budget-Friendly Flight Finder in Scala

Flight Scheduler in Scala

Alternating Pattern in Nested Loops

Expanding the Board Game Grid

Stellar Game Board Display Fix

Creating a Scala 2x2 Grid Printer

Grid Coordinates Display in Scala

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