Python Programming for Beginners

String Manipulation for Python Coders

Fortify your foundational Python prowess by delving into string manipulation and text processing techniques. This course will guide you through the intricacies of working with textual data, teaching you to streamline text handling. By the completion of this course, you will deftly manage and transform strings, a vital skill set for any novice Python programmer.

Lessons and practices

Playing with Python String Operations

Changing Split Delimiter in Python Strings

Troubleshooting the Planetary Revisit

Add String Concatenation and Replacement in Python Code

Adding string operations on Solar System Planets

The Dance of Planets: String Operations in Python

String Formatting for Space Logs

Changing Our Course in Space

Navigate the Spacecraft's Journey Log

Logging Our Space Adventure Resources

Crafting the Final Space Log Message

Unravel the Navigation Message

Changing the Path in a String

Craft Your First Space Message

Navigating and Managing Computer Files: Error Fixing Mission

Navigating to Your Precious Files

Treasure Hunt: Decoding Secret Information in Python Strings

Changing the Location of the Treasure in the Secret Message

Deciphering the Galactic Treasure Hunt

Decoding the Key and the Treasure Map

Unfolding the Secret Treasure Hunt Message

Reformatting Book Catalog to Author-Title Order

Change the String Separator

Fix the Book Recommendation System

Reformatting the Interstellar Book Catalogue

Crafting Personalized Book Recommendations

Decoding a Message from Space

Switch from UTF-8 to UTF-16 Encoding

Decoding Messages from Space Cadets

Decoding the French Astronaut's Journal Entry

Decoding the Interstellar Message

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