Python Programming for Beginners

Debugging Code Using Python

Immerse yourself into one of the most essential aspects of programming - Debugging and Troubleshooting. This course sheds light on common instances that cause errors and exceptions in Python programs, as well as how to handle and rectify them. By the end of this course, you will have a good grasp of how to fix bugs and troubleshoot your code in a systematic way.

Lessons and practices

Debugging the Ingredients List

Debugging the Recipe Cost Calculation

Debugging the Pancake Recipe Cost Calculation

Debugging the Kitchen Ingredients List

Debugging the Ingredient List 2

Mayday, Mayday! Squash the Syntax Error!

Correcting Message Transmission Error

Rescuing the Disconnected Spaceman

Fixing the Mathematical Message

Debugging the Universal Greeting

Misbrewed Coffee Volume

Decoding the Coffee Machine's Drink Volume

Brew Correct Coffee Orders

Spot the Coffee Order Mix-up

Bugging Out: Fix the Coffee Volume Mix-up

Adding a Key to Python Dictionary

Navigating the Cosmos of Python Dictionary

Fuel Division for Space Rockets

Changing the String Value to Convert into Integer

Rocket Speed Correction in Space Travel Calculation

Retrieving Celestial Body Mass with Exception Handling

Calculating Planetary Mass Ratios with Exception Handling

Handling Errors in a Deserted Office

Troubleshooting the Fire Alarm

Fix the Room Items List Display

Access and Handle Missing Keys in a Python Dictionary

Revise Your Office Tasks List

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