Deep Dive into Numpy and Pandas

Data Transformation Techniques in Pandas

This course focuses on transforming your data to better suit analysis needs, including handling categorical data, performing date and time manipulations, and applying advanced filtering and sorting techniques. Through hands-on examples, you'll learn to reshape your datasets for optimized analysis.

Lessons and practices

Converting 'embarked' to Categorical in Titanic Dataset

Fix the Titanic Data Transformation

Handle and Encode Categorical Data

One-Hot Encode the Embarked Column

Analyzing Monthly Sales Trends

Extract Year from Sale Date

Analyzing Sales Data Over Time

Analyze Retail Sales Data Using Datetime Operations

Organizing a Library by Publication Year

Sorting Books in Descending Order

Ranking Library Books Based on Ratings

Sorting Library Books by Pages

Analyzing Toy Prices with Pivot Tables

Change the Aggregation Function

Toy Store Sales Pivot Table

Pivot Table Analysis for Toy Store Data

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