Deep Dive into Numpy and Pandas

Advanced Data Analysis with Pandas

Elevate your data analysis skills by mastering advanced Pandas functionalities, including multi-level indexing, merging datasets, and performing sophisticated group-by operations. This course helps you unlock the true potential of your data through more intricate analysis techniques.

Lessons and practices

Merging Student Data with Outer Join

Change Merge Join Type

Merging Student Information and Performance Data

Merging Student Data with Outer Join

Average Sales by Region

Calculate Total Sales by Region

Calculate Total Sales by Region

Counting Sales Entries by Region

Analyzing Store Performance Using Data Aggregation

Change Aggregation Function to Max

Aggregating Units Sold Per Store

Aggregate Products by Store

House Age and Price Correlation

Correlation of House Features

Finding Correlations in House Data

Finding Specific Correlation

Calculate Correlation Between House Price and Size

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