Coding Interview Prep for Senior Engineers in Python

Applying Advanced Data Structures on Practice

You will apply your knowledge on Python's more advanced features, including comprehensive data structures like dictionaries, sets, tuples, and nested lists on practice. Solving practice challenges will help to master the skills you have just revised.

Lessons and practices

Managing a Library of Books in Python

Managing Planet Data with Tuples

Treasure Hunt Location Manager

Inventory Management System

Shopping Basket Manager

Book Inventory Management System Using Dictionaries

Geographical Data Mapping System

Managing Conference Seating Arrangements with Python Sets

Tag Manager System Using Python Sets

Library Management with Python Sets

Safety Inspection Records Management

Library Management System

Personal Finance Tracker Implementation

Hierarchical File System Management

Music Playlist Manager Using Stacks

Browser History Management Using Stacks

Storage Manager System

Ticket Booking System with Priority Queue

Direction Manager: Navigating a 2D Grid Using Stacks

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Practice is how you turn knowledge into actual skills.