Fundamental Coding Interview Preparation with C++

C++ Coding Practice for Technical Interviews

Strengthen your implementation and problem-solving skills in C++ with this practice-heavy course. This course lets you apply your knowledge through solving a variety of problems to solidify your preparation for technical assessments and interviews.

Lessons and practices

Simulating Array Hopping Game

Gloria's Array Hop Quest

Jumping Game Simulator

Number Encoding and Product Calculation

Alphabet Numerical Representations

String Frequency Encoding Task

Creating an Encrypted Song Based on Array and String Rules

String and Array Manipulation with Alphabetical Wrap-Around

Processing Arrays and Strings in C++

[Dungeon Traversal Optimization]

Largest Step to Visit All Flowers in the Garden

Minimizing Manhattan Distance through Array Rotation

Sequential Character Comparison and Removal

Medieval Knight Tournament Simulation

House Number Game Simulation

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Practice is how you turn knowledge into actual skills.