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Backward Compatibility in Software Development

In this course, you will learn the art of extending software functionalities without disrupting the existing system or breaking backward compatibility. This course is ideal for software developers seeking to expand their expertise in maintaining project stability, compatibility, and performance, while effectively adding new features.

Lessons and practices

Enhancing Weather Information System for Comprehensive Daily Summaries

Implementing Advanced Item Addition in a Shopping Cart with Discount Support

Enhancing Logger Class for Severity Level Logging

Implementing Versioned File Reading for Text and JSON Files

Enhancing Task Prioritization in TaskManager with Urgency Flag

Enhancing BeverageCreator: Adding Special Instructions and Snack Options

Enhancing Financial Reporting with Comparative Analysis

Enhancing Logging with Structured Data and Backward Compatibility

Enhancing a Logging System with Method Overloading

Enhancing MediaPlayer for Backward Compatible Audio Support

Implementing PromotionalProduct Subclass in Marketplace Software

Enhancing AlarmClock with Polymorphism

Enhancing Media Library Management with Polymorphism

Integrating New Payment Methods with Facade Pattern

Implementing SMS Notification Support using the Adapter Pattern

Implementing a Smart Home Facade for Simplified Device Control

Integrating Video Filter Features with Adapter Pattern

Enhancing Printer Class for HTML and JSON Content Support

Integrating New Weather Data Provider with Backward Compatibility

Enhancing a Configuration Parser with Type Sensitivity

Enhancing Notification Service with Polymorphism for Backward Compatibility

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