Go Programming for Beginners

Creating Functions in Go

This course introduces the creation of functions in Go programming language as well as the use of built-in functions and commands to enhance code efficiency.

Lessons and practices

Calculating the Total Meal Cost in Go

Refactoring Sales Tax Calculation in Go Functions

Go Function for Food Orders

Cosmic Diner Order Calculator in Go

Commencing Apollo 11 Mission in Go

Repairing the Spacecraft's Planet Scanner Code

Cosmic Payload Inspection in Go

Cosmic Greeting in Go

Spacecraft Pre-Launch Oxygen Check

Add Temperature Check for Spacecraft Launch Readiness

Sorting Planetary Distances

Adjust Telescopic Data Rounding Method

Calculate the Absolute Distance to a Star in Light-Years

Navigating the Galaxy with Go's Built-in Functions

Counting Celestial Bodies in Go

Surveying the Stars with Variadic Functions in Go

Navigating the Stars with a New Commander

Mission Announcement Code Check

Greet the Moons of the Solar System

Add Launch Checklist Functionality in Go

Exploring Planets with Variadic Functions in Go

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