Go Programming for Beginners

Mastering Debugging with Go

This course guides you into the world of debugging in the Go programming language. By learning to handle common Go errors, you will enhance your Go development skills, writing robust and fail-free programs.

Lessons and practices

Debugging the Ingredient Counter

Correcting a Type Mismatch Error in Go

Debugging Pancake Recipe Costs in Go

Galactic Kitchen Debugging Challenge

Cosmic Pie Ingredient Debugging Challenge

Syntax Sleuth in Go

Syntax Error Hunt in Go

Syntax Restoration for Galactic Communications

Fixing the Message to the Universe in Go

Debugging the Message to the Universe in Go

Fix the Factorial Function

Fix the Latte Order Logic

Correcting Coffee Confusion at Go Galactic Cafe

Coffee Order Calculus Correction

Beverage Volume Calculator Logic Fix

Safe Division in Go Without Panicking

Debug the Division Checker Function

Preventing Division by Zero in Go

Add Array Index Safety Check

Handling Nil Pointer in Go

Space Expedition: Managing Fuel Allocation Error

Handling File Not Found Error in Go

Safe Space Journey: Implement Division Error Handling

Handling Key Absence in Go Maps: Earth to Mars Mass Ratio Calculation

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