Introduction to Dart for Beginners

Understanding Simple Data Structures in Dart

This course will take you one step further from foundational Dart programming. Explore simple data structures in Dart, enhancing your problem-solving skills with lists, sets, and maps.

Lessons and practices

Managing Your Grocery List with Dart

Add Butter to the Grocery List

Update the Grocery List in Dart

Manipulate a Grocery List in Dart

Celebration Gift List Management

Streamlining Party Guest Invitations

Unique Party Guest List Creation

Managing a Party Guest List with Sets in Dart

Exploring Maps in Dart: Countries and Capitals

Change the Search Term and Count Countries

Correct the Map Access in Dart Code

Add a New Country to the Map Data Structure in Dart

Exploring Map Operations in Dart

Nested Collections in Dart: Grocery Lists and Student Scores

Manage Shopping Lists with Nested Sets in Dart

Add a Fruit to the Grocery List

Expanding Bob's Academic Record in Dart

Managing Nested Collections in Dart

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