Introduction to Programming with Python

Mastering Control Structures in Python

Deepen your understanding of decision-making processes in Python with this course dedicated to mastering control structures. Learn to navigate complex decision paths and handle a variety of conditions using if, else, and elif clauses. Explore how to leverage data structures in tandem with conditional logic to enhance the functionality of your programs.

Lessons and practices

Decisions on the Go: Passports

Check Your Visa Application Eligibility

Fixing Passport Check Condition

Check Your Driver's License Availability

Passport Check for International Travel

Eligibility by Age for Travel Packages

Age-Based Travel Package Eligibility

Travel Package Age Categorization

Fixing Travel Package Conditions

Determine Your Travel Package

Deciding on a Travel Package

Budget-Based Travel Package Decisions

Special Travel Offers and Budget Decisions

Debugging Nested Conditions Travel Logic

Mastering Nested Conditions: Travel Logic

Check Your Travel Destinations

Updating Visited Status: Trip Cancellation

Exploring Unvisited Spanish Delights

Debugging Travel Destinations Dictionary

Traveler's Next Destination Decision

Essentials of Travel Preparation

Adding Travel Insurance Check

Verify Passport and Tickets

Travel Document Checkup Challenge

Final Checkup Before You Travel

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